About us

Our adventure with American cars started in 1993. Since that time Ponti has gained a really extensive experience both technical and commercial. We have blazed many trails. Ponti has always subscribe to a rule that the mission is always possible and in this belief we undertook difficult orders towards which other companies were helpless.


We import the following cars


We offer the following services

  • mid-size and full-size luxury cars
  • luxury mini-Vans functionality of which started to be appreciated iz Europe
  • sports cars
  • Conversion van – equipped to order with swivel seats, rear electrically folding seat, night light, shutters, DVD, stereo, fridge, air conditioning etc.
  • Off road and terrain cars
  • Pick - ups


We have imported the first Mustang Cobra to Poland

ZSelected from a limited edition, with prismatic paint, changing colours in response to external lighting (10 vivid colours).


We completed an order for an armoured vehicle made to order in Texas


It is worth reminding you that we take care of all procedures and issues associated with imports. On the American side we arrange transport, delivery to ports and freight booking. On the Polish side we arrange customs clearance, necessary technical inspection, additional equipment and fitting extra installations.


You need a TIR, Hummer, antique car?


Mail or call our '' Contact ''  – contact department

Check our possibilities and prices.


Difficult orders are enjoyed as a challenge we readily take up.



Engine repairs

  • Diagnostics of automatic transmissions
  • Repair of ABS and Air Bag systems
  • TC systems
  • Smart suspensions 
  • Encoding and programming of modules, immobilizers, keys and car computers
  • Installing high quality alarm systems, parking systems and rear view cameras, DVD, car navigation, GPS, high quality car auto-gas systems.


We make adjustments of the light system to European standards



Drive system and drive transmission 

  • Steering system and wheel alignment
  • Brake system
  • Suspension system
  • Installation of additional equipment and accessories


Welcome to Service Department



Enjoy our expertise, contacts and extensive experience 


  • History of the Company ...

    or how all this happened. It was summer 1992 ....


  • Why Ponti ?

    We have always believed that the mission is always possible and in this belief we undertook difficult orders towards which other companies were helpless. This rule has always been taught to our team who gets satisfied when they have an opportunity to face a challenge.

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Lista aut dostępnych na miejscu ulega ciągłym zmianom. Zalecamy ciągły podgląd tej strony aby okazja nie umknęła do innego klienta


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Od czerwca dostępne są oryginalne i ekonomiczne Dodge Caliber w wersji SXT, a od listopada kolejny Dodge Grand Caravan w nowej karoserii ...


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Części zamienne, akcesoria, oleje, dodatkowe wyposażenie. Wszystko dostępne w wykonaniu fabrycznym lub innych sprawdzonych producentów. 


Części, oleje, dodatkowe instalacje

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